Clock Reports

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Employee Clock Assignment

This report shows the employees with an “X,” indicating the time clocks that they are assigned to.

Employee Clock ID

This report provides a list of the employee clock IDs. A report like this is typically placed at the time clock, because the employee is required to remember their clock ID to use the HandPunch. Employees without a hand template are shown with a "*". There is an option to include only employees without a hand template. This list can be used during the enrollment process until you have all employees enrolled.

Employee Clock ID Ranges Used

This report shows the used clock IDs in a range, for example, 602 - 609. If you are using numbers in certain ranges for employees, then this shows you what you have used without having to scroll down a large list looking for the next available number. The last number of one line and the first number on the next line will not be consecutive, so at least one clock ID is available.

Employee Clock IDs in Clock ID Order

The same report as above, except that the order of the report is by Clock ID.

Unassigned Clock IDs

This report shows the clock IDs that have been enrolled at the time clock that do not match to any employee’s clock ID. This report generally represents mew employees that are not yet entered into the software, or may represent an employee who was enrolled with the incorrect clock ID or was entered into the software with the incorrect clock ID. This report should be checked every pay period.

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