Fingerprint Enrollment

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Here are a few guidelines to help you prepare for an enrollment session.

  • The first employee enrolled should be a supervisor. SBV should then be instructed to mark this employee as a supervisor in the software so that access to the enrolling now requires supervisor validation.
  • You can enroll one person or a group of people during an enrollment session.
  • The employees that you want to enroll must be uploaded to the time clock before you can enroll them.
  • The same finger cannot be enrolled on different employees.
  • It is the responsibility of the person enrolling to ensure that the employee that is selected in the time clock is the employee that they are enrolling.


To enroll an employee you need to access the supervisor menu.

  • From the main screen, which displays the date and time, press the button in the top left corner with the three dashes.


  • If you see a yellow bar at the bottom that says "VERIFY YOUR IDENTITY" then a time clock supervisor needs to place their finger.


  • If the finger placed does not belong to a supervisor then you will get an Access Denied message.


  • If there are no supervisors in the clock, or a supervisors finger was placed, the menu screen will display.


  • Click Users.


  • Find the name of the employee that you want to enroll in the list and then select it. If you cannot find the name then STOP. Do NOT use another name even if you know that this employee is inactive. If you have 2 employees with the same name then you will need to use the ID to verify the correct employee.
  • When you select a name it will show on the right side of the screen.


  • On the right side there are three icons. Click the leftmost icon. This is the fingerprint enrollment option.
  • The clock will show a picture of both hands. Select the fingerprint that you would like to enroll by clicking on the fingertip, NOT the finger itself.
  • Follow the prompts on enrolling your fingerprint by placing your fingertip on the fingerprint reader on the top of the device. Make sure to keep your finger on the reader until the icon on the screen turns green.


  • Below is a guide on how to properly place your finger on the fingerprint reader when enrolling.