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Last Punch

Shows the last punch made by an employee or added by a user. Filter the employees based on their last punch being more than the specified number of days from today. Use this report to find employees who have not worked recently, and may not be considered active.

By default, the report will show all employees whose last punch is older than 90 days (employees who haven't punched in the last 90 days). The amount of days can be changed on the Option tab.

Missing Punches

Displays employees who have missing punches (employees who have an In punch without an Out punch, or an Out punch without an In punch).

Missing Punches (Excel)

Same as above but in an Excel format.

Punch Edits

Display the punches that have been added, edited or deleted. This report is a simplified audit style report to see the changes made by users.

Punched In

Displays the count of who is punched in by shift.

Punched In and Out

Displays the count of who is punched in and out with an allowance for double-shifts without punches in between.

Punches By Time

Display the punches made by employees in date and time order. Filter punches by both date and time to see who punched within a specified time window.

Punches in Non Punching Status

Displays punches made by an employee when their status type does not allow punching.

Raw Punch Audit

Displays the complete log of activities performed at the HandPunch.

(Asterisks***** next to the punch time indicates when the time goes back. The audit displays all punches sorted as how then came in on the clock. If a punch has a time that's earlier then the punch before, it indicates that time on the clock may have been changed. This is only useful on a single clock, as multiple clocks will have punches with earlier times then each other).

Raw Punch Count

Displays the punch count from each HandPunch.

Rejected Punches

By Clock ID

By Employee

By Punch Time

Rejected punches are punches attempted at the HandPunch that were not accepted. "TRY AGAIN", "ID REFUSED" or “TIME RESTRICTION” is displayed at the HandPunch. As no hand validation was performed, this report only indicates that the clock ID was entered. It does not indicate that it was the actual employee.

Time Zone Restriction Punches

Displays verified punches made at the time clock that were outside of an allowable punching time zone.

Unassigned Punches

By Clock ID

By Punch Time

Unassigned punches are punches made at the time clock that have been polled and not applied to the time cards. This can occur for two reasons:

  1. There is no employee with a clock ID that matches the clock ID of the punch. This occurs when a new employee has started using the time clock, but they are not yet entered into the software.
  2. The punches were polled from the clock, but the employee was locked for editing by a user and the punches have not been applied.

(For the Date Range Pre-Set, "Pay Period" will not work with this report since it's not employee based. Instead use Specific Pay Period.)

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