Staffing Reports

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The Staffing reports are primarily used with the Scheduler module. They represent reports run on actual schedule and placeholder information.

Available Schedules

This is an Excel based report that shows you the date, budget group and number of schedules available.

Availables By Week

This report lists the available schedules, grouped by pay date. You can use this report as a representation of the availables in the scheduler grid.

Biweekly Schedule

The bi-weekly schedule reports display employees and their schedules for two weeks. The dates run across the page and the employees run down the left side of the page. Each employee is displayed on either their home floor sheet or on their worked floor sheet (an employee working on two or more floors is shown more than once). Either the start and end time they are working is displayed, or the shift is shown, e.g. "07:00 AM to 03:00 PM" or "Day".

Daily Staffing Sheet

Employee Schedule Placeholders

Displays what placeholders the employee has. Often used to determine who is eligible for payment for days off.

Monthly Schedule

An Excel based report that is often posted up so employees can see when they are working. It also displays an employee’s days off.

Monthly Schedule (Generic)

Same as above but a generic version (not customized).

Schedules that are not the default schedule for the shift will be displayed in red within brackets.

Monthly Schedule for Employee

A calendar based report that can be given to the employee. It prints out one page per employee.

Overtime Schedules

Replacement Schedule

Similar to the monthly schedule report, but displays employee information about schedules that once belonged to another employee.

Schedule Replacement

Schedule Call List (By Date and Shift)

Staffing Count (Excel)

Union Schedule Replacement

Weekly Schedule

The weekly schedule report displays employees and their schedules for one week. Generally, this is in alphabetical order and an employee can find their name and see what days they are working. Either the start and end time they are working is displayed, or the shift is shown, e.g. "07:00 AM to 03:00 PM" or "Day".

Custom Reports

Custom staffing reports used for scheduling may also be available here. These reports are designed specifically for your facility. Examples of these are the Daily Staffing and Monthly Schedule reports. These reports are generally created in Excel format.

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