Viventium Integration Update and Report

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This is an optional feature that can be added to the software upon request. It allows to automatically add/update the fields below in Time & Attendance from Viventium's API so that the data only has to be added/changed in Viventim and not in TA.

Field Add (new employee) Update (existing employee)
Employee ID Yes No
First Name Yes Yes
Middle Name Yes Yes
Last Name Yes Yes
Address Yes Yes
Phone Yes Yes
Email Yes Yes
Birth Date Yes Yes
Gender Yes Yes
Department Yes No
SSN Yes No
Hire Date Yes Only if missing (There isn't a hire date in the software yet)
Termination Date Yes Only if missing (If not currently terminated)
Pay Rate Yes Yes (Salaried employees will need their salaried hours filled in on their Pay Rates tab in TA)
Viventium Accrual Balances Yes Yes

The Add (new employee) is done by clicking on the Refresh Employees button. It will then connect to the Viventium website and check if there are any new employees that were hired within the last 30 days that are not yet in TA (this may take a few seconds). If there are any new employees, it will display the Add Employee popup with the employee's data prefilled so that it can easily be added.


The Update (existing employee) can be scheduled for all employees to run at a regular interval even multiple times a day. To do it manually at any time for a single employee, click on the Update From Viventium button on the employee.


Update Employee will only update employees that have the same Employee ID and the same SSN as in Viventium. The employee will also need to be in a In-House company.


To test that the software can see employee data changes on the api, select an employee and temporarily change their name (add a letter to their name), then click the Update From Viventium button to see if it changes it back to the original correct name.

To test that the software can see new employees on the api, select an employee that was recently hired (within the last 30 days) and temporarily change their Employee ID (add a letter to their ID), then click the Refresh Employees button to see if it pops up this employee as a new employee.

If the error is that it can't find the employee on viventium then check if your IP address is whitelisted with Viventium.

If the software gives an error when running this report, it may be because the time on the local computer is off by more than 5 minutes, or because the Viventium service is temporarily not available.

Check this link to the Viventium service to see if it's available.

If syncing accrual balances and the effective date after the update/sync is an old date, check the pay period on the last issued check if it wasn't an old pay period (retro pay).


You will need the Viventium api login username and password, company code, and division code. This info will be hard coded in the software and will require a software update. Also add the company code to the facility and in-house company labor level as the payroll ID. In addition to providing the api login, viventium may also need to enable the login in the backend and/or whitelist the software's server public IP address and any other public IP addresss of the facility's office computers.

After the connection is set up and tested, this report can then be saved and scheduled to run (overnight) so that employee changes are automatically applied.

To sync accrual balances from Vivnetium, add the Viventium Pay Type code on the TA accrual pay type.