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What Is New will tell you about the latest features or updates to the SBV software.

  • A face recognition clock is now available.
  • A new fingerprint time clock is now available.
  • Time Card approval now has 2 levels of approval.
  • Text messaging is available in the Scheduler.
  • The PBJ export can check for lunch deductions as now required by CMS once an employee works 8 or more hours in a day.
  • The employee highlighter now has a filter option. Instead of highlighting employees with exceptions, placeholders or hours, you can now hide the employees without exceptions, placeholders or hours.
  • Hire Date and Termination Date can now be excluded from the PBJ file. This is available under the Options tab on the PBJ Export.
  • The PBJ log now contains the labor level items that do not have the PBJ Job Title Code specified.
  • The HHSOIG, NYSOMIG and SAM reports can use a vendor list in addition to your employees. Place an Excel file named vendors.xlsx in your download folder and these reports will automatically add your vendors to the search.
  • Changes to a punch's labor levels so as to override the schedule's labor levels can now be enforced on just one labor level. For example, if you change the department on an In punch and then change the employee's company, the new company will apply to all punches, while the overridden department is still maintained on the punch.
  • Influenza tracking now has an Influenza Date and an Influenza Type. The Influenza Type choices are Not Received, Received, Received Out of Facility and Declined.