Accrual Date Entitlements Import

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Adds entries to the Accrual Date Entitlements Configuration. This provides a fast way to enter the date based accruals, especially when there are many accrual groups.

An accrual date entitlements import is identified by the sheet name or file name containing the words "Accrual Date".

Column Type Identifiers Notes Required
Accrual Group Accrual Group Yes
Accrual Pay Type Accrual Pay Type, Pay Type Yes
Accrual Date Entitlement Type Entitlement Type, Date Type Yes
Amount Entitlement Amount Entitlement, Days Entitlement Yes
Amount Type Entitlement Amount Type, Amount Type, Entitlement Days Type, Days Type Valid data for this field are: "proportioned", "daily", "holiday", "rounded", "hours" No
Accrual Date Accrual Date, Date No
Month Number Month Number No
Nth Month From Month Number Nth From, Nth Month From, Nth Month From Month, Nth Month From Month #, Nth Month From Month Number No
Nth Month To Month Number Nth To, Nth Month To, Nth Month To Month, Nth Month To Month #, Nth Month To Month Number No
Employed From Month From, From Month, Employed From Month No
Employed To Month To, To Month, Employed To Month No
Reason Reason No
Note Note No
Minimum Shift Count Minimum Shift Count No
Maximum Shift Count Maximum Shift Count No
Employed From Date Employed From Date No
Employed To Date Employed To Date No
Employee Shift Type Employee Shift Type, Shift Type No

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