Attendance Reports

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Attendance Calendar (On Screen)

This report is similar to the Attendance Calendar (PDF) report but displayed in an interactive grid. This report is also available from right clicking on an employee's name in the employee list.

Attendance Calendar (PDF)

The Attendance Calendar (PDF) provides a one month per row calendar based view. The calendar displays up to 12 months on one page. The Attendance Calendar shows information based on the employee hours, exceptions, schedules and placeholders.

Dates that do not exist in a month are displayed with a black background. Dates in a month that are outside the selected date range display with a gray background. Weekends display with a blue background.

Attendance Count

Exception and placeholder totals.

Attendance Detail

A detailed listing of hours, exceptions, schedules and placeholders in a row based view. Use the Options tab to filter to specific exceptions, pay types and schedule statuses.

This report can be used as a missing shift report with the correct filters applied.

Employee Exception and Placeholder Letter

An employee form letter that can display exceptions and placeholders.

Employee Exception History

A detailed summary of the employee’s exceptions. The report provides the date of the exception, the exception type, the exception minutes, and the total exception minutes.

Exception Pivot Grid

This report allows you to analyze the exceptions in a pivot grid. You can analyze exceptions by the exception type, the number of exceptions, and the total exception minutes.

See Pivot Grid for more detail.

Monthly Attendance Calendar

This report displays 12 months of attendance data in the traditional attendance calendar style of 4 months across by 3 months down.

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