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This report will create csv files in the Tools/Export Folder/DailyPay folder that can be used for the DailyPay Gross Earnings. To have these files uploaded automatically to the DailyPay SFTP, Please provide the login info for the DailyPay SFTP so it can be set up for automatic upload.

Each file will be named with the date/time when it gets created, and with the facility's software license name.

user_id: Employee ID

shift_earnings: (Doller amount, not currently included)

shift_date: Pay Date

pay_group: (Vientium company ID). Payroll ID on the Company Labor Level + "-001"

shift_hours: Daily Hours (Worked hours only. Does not include Vac, Sick, etc.)


  • For date range, the best option is to choose Current Day and Prior 30. This will prevent data for future pay dates being sent, specifically in the case of salaried employees who have auto hours or auto punches.