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Duplicate Social Security Numbers

Find employees that are in the software more than once (i.e. work for you as an employee and previously worked as agency staff) if you have entered their Social Security Numbers.

Employee Address List

Displays the employee name, and their complete address, one line per employee.

Employee Anniversary

Employee Birthday

Employee Break Deduction

Employee Comments

Displays the comments that were used on the employee’s time cards (pay date, punches and other hours), schedules and placeholders. Select the comment types in the Options tab.

Employee Contact List

Displays the employees with their contact information. One employee is displayed per line with employees grouped by the first letter of their last name.

Employee Daily Hours Change

Employee Days Worked

Employee Detail (Excel)

This report is output into an Excel file and provides most of the employee information. This can be used as the starting point for an Excel spreadsheet that will be used for importing information back into the software.

Available options to include in the report (on the Options tab):

Employee Address Information

Employee Contact Information

Employee CHRC Information (Criminal History Record Check)

Employee Custom Information

Employee Date Information

Employee Worked Information

Employee Employment Information

Employee Health Information

Employee I-9 Information

Employee Licensing Information

Employee Main Information

Employee Start and End Date

Employee Work Pattern

Employee Form Letter

Employee History

Employee Journal

Displays the entries made in the Journal tab, within the selected date range.

Employee Labels Report

Employee Listing

Employee Notes

Employee Pay Period Approval

Employee Pay Rate History

Employee Pivot Grid

Employee Reasons

If using Reasons in the software, this report displays the employees and the reasons provided when editing their punches, hours and schedules.

Employee Shift History (Excel)

This report is output to an Excel file and displays up to 10 of the employee’s shift history entries, across the sheet.

Employee Seniority

List employees in order of hire date and current shift (slot) level. This report is used to determine the order of eligibility for an available position.

Employee Shift History

Employee Signatures

Employee Status

A simple employee report that shows an employee and their currently determined status.

Employee Status Change

This report shows employees who had a status change within the selected date range. The software allows you to pre-enter the information about employees who are becoming inactive in the future. The software will maintain the employee as active until the inactive date has been passed and the employee has been paid.

Please note that this report will only show if the employee status on the start date of the report is different then the employee status on the end date of the report. Employees who were hired after the start date and terminated before the end date will not display on the report.

Employee Status Count

This report can be used for the Schedule P - Medicaid Cost Report - Staff Turnover RHCF -4.

Employee History

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