Schedule P - Medicaid Cost Report - Staff Turnover RHCF -4

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Also called RHCF-4 Cost Report

This report uses an Excel template that you first need to update with dates and with your departments, unless someone saved the template from a previous year in which case you only need to update the dates. The Template is located in the software (Tools / Folders / Templates). Contact SBV Support if you don't find it in your software.

The green fields in the template are the fields that need to be matched to your facility based on the dates for the year that you are running the report and your department numbers. (Multiple departments can be entered in a single cell separated with commas without spaces).

Save the Excel file to a location that you can find when you run the report (and that you can use again next year).

Reports / Employee / Employee Status Count (Excel) is the name of the report.

Make sure all Current Statuses are selected.

In the Options tab you need to set Filename. Use … button to navigate to the location of the Excel template file.

In case you use the same department numbers for both payroll and agency employees then you will need to run the report twice, filtering by company so that you get 2 reports. Then copy / paste the payroll or agency information from one report to the other.