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This report will create csv files in the Tools/Export Folder that can be used for Tapcheck. To have these files uploaded automatically to the Tapcheck SFTP, add the custom configuration "TapcheckExportUploadToSFTP" as true. Tapcheck uses the same login for all sbv clients so login info is not required from the client.

Single facility software: Each file will be named with the facility's software license name.

Multi facility software: Each file will be named with the facility's labor level description. (It will create a separate files for each facility).

The below fields will go in the file:

  • Facility: For a single facility it will fill in the software license name. For a multi facility it will fill in the facility labor level description.
  • Employee ID:
  • Date: Pay Date.
  • In: In Punch.
  • Out: Put Punch.
  • Hours: (Worked hours only. Does not include Vac, Sick, etc.)

Run/save the Tapcheck Export report (Reports-->File Export-->Tapcheck Export) for In-House employees only as it's only for payroll employees. Date range should be current pay period and prior 1. Schedule this to run every day.

Employees that are set on their misc tab to be excluded from payroll will also be excluded from this export.