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Also used for:

  • BDB

For a Multi Facility software, use the below in the Payroll File Path to differentiate between the facilities:

  • <LaborLevel0Tag>
  • <LaborLevel0Description>
  • <LaborLevel0PayrollID>

Additional fields that can be used:

  • <CheckDate> can be used to add the check date to the file name so that each payroll doesn't overwrite the previous payroll file.
  • <LoginID> can be used to avoid issues where different users are using the same computer and they have authorization issues with overwriting other users payroll files. This allows each user to create files in their own folder or with their own filename.


  • For facilities that do not use Pay Rates in SBV Software, we can still export Dollar Amount for specific pay types. In order for the software to export it in the Dollar Amount column, the Pay Type ID must have a $ sign included in it. (Ex. BON$)
  • For facilities that use Pay Rates in SBV, selecting Show Pay Rates on the export will put in the pay rates in the file. The amount column in the file will not be filled in unless an amount was manually entered instead of hours.
  • Customize the pay type Export pay code to export these additional values. As an example: REG|Rate2|Check#2|DeductionOREarning.